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ACTIVE! YogaRoll Dice Set

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Roll into relaxation with fun yoga dice!

These 6-sided, coated-foam dice provide endless possibilities for relaxing yoga activities. Each of the 6 dice presents a different component of a yoga session. Ditch the repetitive routines and pair the dice up to roll for a variety of different exercise combinations!

Five of the dice include yoga movements. Use all 5 movement dice together to get a variety of poses, or use one movement die for a more focused session. Each movement die includes clear illustrations for each pose, eliminating guesswork. Poses are basic and geared towards beginners, making these dice a fun option to introduce yoga to students!

The remaining die provides the time each pose is held. Options on the time die tell the users the number of seconds to hold a pose for or provide the number of breaths to help focus on breathing work. Set includes 5" x 5" Yoga Dice in a Rainbow Set of 6 and a VersaBag Mesh Bag for convenient storage.