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Warrior StrongHold 2.0 Anchor Station Packs

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The next version of our portable anchoring station provides the best group training solution!

Give up to 8 students their own space around this fitness rope anchor and watch the waves start rolling in! This anchor provides spacious accommodations, while also protecting ropes from damage that might befall them on similar metal anchor stations. Quick to setup, 3 rope options make finding the right workout intensity easy.

Designed for Longevity

Unlike other conditioning rope anchors that feature an all-metal construction, this anchor utilizes molded rope hooks to protect the rope during workouts. The molded plastic is less abrasive and damaging than metal hooks, which keeps the rope from fraying.

Aside from the plastic hooks, the base is made of 2” steel, which provides the support and stability needed to anchor ropes during even the most rigorous of workouts. Powder coated for a clean look and protective finish, your students can put this anchor through its paces without any wear signs to show for it.

Great Accommodations

Since ropes can be quickly looped around the rope guards, instead of being threaded through like on other models, it’s easy to get things set up and your workout started faster. Up to 8 students can position themselves around the base and thread in their ropes, with enough space between them to give it their best effort and not interfere with their peers. Supporting 8 total students, this is the largest base station we offer!


  • Portable anchor stations can be set up on any flat surface. There’s no need to be limited to a wall, squat rack, or lifting rig to anchor ropes!
  • Protective rubber base helps keep the unit in place on gym floors and protects the flooring from any metal contact, preventing scratches on the floor’s finish.
  • Molded plastic rope guards allow ropes to be easily looped around and secured in place, which saves time since the rope doesn’t need to be threaded through. They also serve to protect the rope from metal contact, adding longevity to the life of the rope.
  • Pack solutions include anchor with 6 different rope options. 30’L ropes are ideal for basic training, while 50’L ropes offer an added challenge, as there is more rope to move. The thicker the rope, the harder it is to grip. These Packs offer 1” dia for beginners, 1-1/2” dia for standard use, and 2” dia for more serious training.

Warrior StrongHold 2.0 Anchor Station Options

Warrior StrongHold 2.0 Anchor Stations are available in 3 sets, with StrongHold Anchor Stations also sold separately.

  • Warrior StrongHold 2.0 Anchor Station Sets. Include 8 ropes and 1 anchor station.
    • 1” dia Apprentice
    • 1-1/2” dia Warrior
    • 2” dia Warrior
  • Warrior StrongHold 2.0 Anchor Station, 33-1/2” dia x 19”H, 73 lb