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UltraPlay Tetherballs

As low as $24.95
Our best rubber tetherball, made for years of use!

Featuring an all-weather foam-rubber cover, a no-leak air valve, and premium nylon windings, this ball is capable of performing season after season. Each ball comes with 8 feet of nylon rope to tether it to your pole.

Withstands All Weather

Tether balls stay outside most of the season, meaning they need to be durable and weather-resistant. The all-weather foam cover of this ball makes it extremely durable and capable of withstanding the elements all season long. Its no-leak valve and premium nylon windings help it hold air and keep its shape longer than any other rubber tetherball. A soft-touch cover provides the premium feel and performance one would expect out of a higher level ball.

UltraPlay Tetherball Options

UltraPlay Tetherballs are available individually, in 2 colors.

  • Multicolor
  • Yellow/Black