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UltraCart Side-Empty Carts

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The convenient Side-Empty door lets you instantly unload and distribute balls!

No other basketball storage rack for schools provide the same level of accommodation, accessibility, and institutional durability of the UltraCart Side-Empty Carts! Quickly load, unload, and transport balls based on the needs of your class, with both Indoor and All-Terrain cart options available.


  • 1-1/4”dia steel tubing and wired mesh construction
  • Powder coated for extra protection
  • Indoor option features four 4”dia swivel casters; All-terrain option features two 12”dia all-terrain wheels and two 4”dia swivel casters.
  • Stores 34 official basketballs.
  • Assembly required

Accessible Accommodations

Avoid logjams and crowding when it comes to unloading activity balls! A convenient side-access panel quickly opens up to unleash balls housed within this cart. The bottom mesh grate is also slightly angled to help facilitate unloading quickly—gravity will keep balls headed for the exit. When it comes to cleanup, a top-access panel opens to accept balls from all sides, again saving time and facilitating quicker cleanup.

The Indoor model of this cart is designed to fit through doorways and maneuver into tight spaces with ease. Four 4”dia swivel casters provide exceptional handling and control to users, giving them confidence as they handle the 42-1/2” lb cart. A tight-turning radius also creates tremendous benefit in tighter spaces, such as storage closets or sheds.

The All-Terrain model is designed to provide a high level of mobility across rougher terrain, making it ideal for outdoor use. Two 12”dia all-terrain wheels replace the back swivel casters to minimize the jostling and vibrations that can come from pushing the cart over curbs and gravel. An easy-to-grip U-shaped handle makes it possible to control the 45 lb cart with confidence, even at higher-grade inclines.

Institutional Durability

1-1/4”dia tubular steel provides a framework that’s designed to stand up to heavy institutional wear and tear for years to come. Wire mesh across the sides and bottom also lends structural integrity, while providing an easy-view look at the contents of the cart. Together—with additional welds for added support—this cart won’t compromise. A powder coated finish protects against denting, abrasions, and even rusting, to keep everything looking and functioning perfectly.

UltraCart Side-Empty Cart Options

UltraCart Side-Empty Cart are available in 2 sizes.

  • Indoor, 38”L x 25-1/2”W x 42”H, 42-1/2 lb
  • All-Terrain, 42”L x 32”W x 42”H, 45 lb