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UltimateScooter Boards

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Ultimate versatility meets ultimate durability and ultimate fun!

A big 24” diameter platform has more than 3x the area, providing room for up to 3 students to ride on these large PE scooters! A built-in fitting for game accessories adds endless fun while recessed handles enhance control and protect fingers while on the move. 

Ultimate Size and Versatility

A massive 24” dia deck makes this our biggest scooter! With 3x the area of standard 12" scooters, these are big enough to fit multiple students with ease. Having multiple riders requires in-game communication and teamwork to move quickly and efficiently—key skills they won't even notice they're improving!

The size of the scooter, along with a built-in accessory fitting, allows for custom game accessories to be added. Pressing a single pin allows the boards to transform into basketball hoops, disc golf targets, and capture the flag units, increasing their versatility and students' engagement!

Outstanding Design

These scooters are designed to withstand institutional use every single day. A thick ABS plastic deck is not only reinforced for added durability but also designed for slight flexibility so it will not crack or break when dropped or slammed into other equipment. Eight ABS reinforced strips from the center of the board to the edges provide additional support, as does an extra circular strip in the middle seating area. Each board supports up to 650 lb.

Four recessed handles are designed to protect fingers from getting pinched during play. Even with three riders on a board, everyone has access to a handle, which keeps them safe and helps them to control the direction of the scooter.

Wheel and Color Options

Large 4” dia indoor/outdoor wheels are made of urethane for better speed and a more fluid movement on all types of surfaces. The indoor-only set features 2.4” dia thermoplastic wheels that are easy on gym floors.

Scooters are available individually in Rainbow colors or in Rainbow Sets of 6, allowing teachers to easily organize classes into different activities or create new rules/scoring options based on the color of the scooter. For example, number off students by 6 and have all number ones take red, all number twos take blue, etc. The organization and rule ideas are endless!

UltimateScooter Board Options

UltimateScooter Boards are available in Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor, Individually or in Sets of 6 in multiple colors.

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  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Individual Colors
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  • Rainbow Sets