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Tumblex Block Game

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Choose large plastic blocks carefully or the tower will tumble!

Similar to a giant version of Jenga, this large plastic block game offers a range of activity options to keep students excited! Large plastic blocks are durable yet lightweight and feature a wood grain texture. Rainbow colors add fun variations to gameplay options. 

How to Play

Players take turns removing 1 block from the 18-level stacked tower and setting it on the top. Once a block is chosen, the player is committed—no moving to another. Game play continues until the tower tumbles, and the opposite player or team wins. It's a life-size version of Jenga that will have students holding their breath! Players can play head-to-head, individually in a large group, or in groups playing head-to-head.

Durable Block Design

Designed to withstand the entire tower collapsing, each block is made of lightweight, durable plastic. Blocks include textured wood grain pattern that offers some grip, but not enough to impede gameplay. Tumblex tower is safer than all-wood towers or those made with weighted materials. Blocks measure 9"L x 3"W x 1-1/2"H and weigh 3 oz each. Completed tower is 36"H x 9" sq. Complete Set includes 54 blocks (9 of each Rainbow Color), 1VersaBag Mesh Bag, and activity instructions.

Game Variations

In addition to the classic removal and stacking game, additional variations are possible to keep the activity interesting. Play Rainbow Tumblex or Fitness Tumblex varieties to add tasks to each turn or to increase the challenge based on the age or skill level of participants.

During Rainbow Tumblex, players stack a normal tower with a mix of colors at each level. Before the game begins, teachers designate point totals that correspond to each color block. Students earn points based on the color of each block they successfully remove and replace on top the tower. The team with the most points when the tower collapses wins.

Each color of block is associated with a fitness activity when playing Fitness Tumblex. When the block is pulled and replaced, students need to complete the activity. Add difficulty by increasing fitness task with each new block pulled, or by making students complete the task before the other team's turn is finished!