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Titan Hybrid Cart

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All-in-one playground equipment storage cart holds it all!

Your complete solution to outdoor playground storage, with accommodations for balls, hoops, jump ropes, disks, cones, and more! Optimal design accommodates equipment enough for even the biggest classes, with a presentation that prevents bottlenecks and crowding. This sports ball storage rack will traverse any terrain and stand strong against the burden of daily institutional wear. 


  • 1-1/4” dia steel tubing construction
  • Powder coated for extra protection
  • Features two 12” all-terrain wheels and two 4” swivel casters
  • Stores 2 double-wide shelves, end hooks, and 2 removable mesh wire baskets
  • Our largest recess rack! Measures 64”L x 32”W x 60”H; 60 lb
  • Assembly required

Holds Everything!

Nothing is left out when it comes to playground equipment storage on this cart and there’s room for just about anything your students need to enjoy recess to its fullest. Two tiers of double-wide ball racks accommodate 20 balls of up to 23”dia, giving you the option to load up basketballs, volleyballs, dodgeballs, kick balls, and more. An accommodating bottom rack construction holds miscellaneous loose equipment and additional activity balls, containing these items securely while still making them accessible to students.

Both sides of the cart feature ample hooks for hoops and jump ropes, preventing tangling. Two removable baskets can also be quickly and securely hooked into place to accommodate smaller items such as baseballs, disks, and more. Quickly be remove baskets and place them aside independently of the cart for added accessibility.

While other ball carts for schools can create crowding and bottlenecks due to poor presentation, this cart offers accessibility across both sides, enough for several students abreast! Quicker access to activity balls and other equipment means more time spent having fun and less time worrying about finding the right item. Cleanup is also made simple, with designated spots for every piece of equipment.

Extreme Durability and Safety

Against the rugged demands of an institutional environment, as well as the elements of the outdoors, this cart stands strong and doesn’t compromise! A full 1-1/4”dia steel tubing frame sets a tone for unwavering strength and resilience from top to bottom. Complementing this, a powder coating prevents marring, rusting, and erosion over time, keeping the entire cart looking great for years to come.

Transportation is also made reliable with two 4”dia swivel casters and two 12”dia all-terrain wheels. The casters lend themselves to handling and maneuverability, to keep everyone safe while the cart is in motion. All-terrain wheels are then capable of traversing curbs, bumpy asphalt, and even gravel to make the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless.

A final degree of safety comes from the internal bolt construction of the entire cart. No protruding bolts, screws, or other pieces of construction hardware are visible, meaning no chance to injure students or puncture balls. The entire cart is sleek and safe!