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Team Spots 10-Activity Game System

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Ten complete team-builders, with potential for hundreds more!

Versatile spots have numbers and character traits on 1 side, with letters and exercises on the other for combined math, spelling, and movement activities. Give your group a variety of simple team-building exercises they’ll love!

Ten Game Options

Each set features 10 different cross-curricular games to incorporate math, character traits, counting, and spelling. One example is Team Math Challenge, in which groups of students are assigned a number and must use a calculator (spots laid out on the floor) to calculate their number the fastest. If their number is 9, for example, they can use 3x3, 10-1, or 7+2 to accomplish this. Another option is Team Spelling, in which students are supplied with a word and spell it out by stepping on the spots.

All game options are described in an included leadership guide for the teacher. This guide includes variations and notes to help the teacher successfully lead the activities and use different styles of teaching. Also included is information about the successful components of team building exercises, the stages of group development, tips to present a learning activity, and how to debrief a class after an activity.

Great for All Ages

Activities in this pack can be adjusted to the skill level of the students, so it is suitable for a wide variety of ages. For example, in the Team Math Challenge, you can use more difficult math problems for older students, and you can use more difficult words in the Team Spelling game.

High Quality Design

The spots are made of a flexible vinyl, so they are able to bend without snapping, but will still hold up to being stepped on when used on any surface. Spots are double-sided, so 1 side shows numbers and the other shows letters.