Team Beanbag Set

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Colorful sets bring fun, organization to team activities.

Big and soft, but easy to toss, these beanbags are made of a durable cotton fabric for years of tossing fun. Two sets are available in Rainbow® colors or just in red and blue, and each contains a canvas carrying bag.

Easy Organization

Colorful beanbag sets are the perfect tool to help teachers color-coordinate team activities and bag games. Students can be divided by beanbag color to clearly mark which team is which, or which students are supposed to be participating in which activity.

Rainbow® Sets include 6 of each Rainbow® color (36 total), and Red and Blue Sets contain 6 of each color (12 total). Each set comes with a storage bag that easily fits all beanbags, making transportation and storage a breeze.

Soft Cotton Cover

The soft cotton cover on each bag makes them ideal for sliding activities. Cotton is the softest, safest material we have to offer in our bags, which makes it a friendly option for younger students.

Stretch stitching helps retain the shape of the beanbag thanks to seams that have been sewn on the inside. This keeps the edges from curling up or ripping.

Team Beanbag Set Options

Team Beanbag Sets are available in 2 packages.

  • Rainbow® Set
  • Red and Blue Set