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Teach-nique Basketball Banners

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Unit:  Set of 4

Teach technique with the biggest and best visual demonstration of fundamental skills!

These big, bold, easy-to-understand youth basketball banners make it easy for students to check their form and movements against ideal fundamentals! Position banners on your gym walls for a quick reference to Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, and Layups. Students will see a step-by-step representation of what they should be doing, along with proper form and tips to execute properly. Made with heavy-duty vinyl, these banners also feature grommets for clean, easy hanging.


  • These easy-to-hang banners give students easy-to-see, step-by-step instructions to better and more properly perform basketball skills.
  • This set includes 4 banners that consist of 4 key skills, to help students properly perform basic skills used in the game of basketball. Banners feature the basic skills of Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, and Layups.
  • Along with the image, detailed instructions and “Do and Don't” tips make sure students have the best opportunity to properly complete each assessment better and safely.
  • For example, Layups:
    • Start with the ball in both hands. For a right handed layup, set with right foot, left foot, and then jump off left. Think “1-2-up.” For a left handed layup begin with left foot first.
    • Bring ball up to head-height, drive right knee up while jumping up towards where the rim meets the backboard.
    • Bring ball overhead and release it at highest point of jump. Ball should hit softly on the backboard. Think “high and soft.”
  • Banners also include tips on different ways to shoot a layup, such as Overhand Style (arm bent, palm facing basket, push gently off finger) and Underhand Style (arm extended, palm facing up, rolls off fingers).
  • Detailed information allows students to have on-the-spot coaching.
  • Durable banners are made with a heavy duty vinyl, making them resistant to ripping or frying and keeping them looking like new for years.
  • Each Banner comes with metal grommets, allowing for easy display, take down, and set up in seconds.
  • Enormous 5’W x 3’H instructional banners easily teach a variety of topics from across the gym.
  • Sharp, detailed photos display correct form and progression, while step-by-step expert instruction reinforces verbal direction and clarifies technique for students.