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These are the real McCoy!

One of the oldest field day activities comes alive when students shimmy into burlap sack race bags and kick off for the finish line! Burlap is strong enough to stand up to the constant wear and tear of sack races, and double-stitched seams help to reinforce the construction even more. Two sizes accommodate single hoppers or pairs of teammates.

Superior Construction

Burlap won’t rip or tear as your students jump forward and land on their way to the finish line, making these jumping bags for kids a great field day staple. Lasting durability means these bags will see numerous field days and can support nearly any age student as they race to be the best. Resistant to moisture and highly breathable, this material is best used outdoors.

Double-stitched seams add another depth of longevity to bags, as they’re not liable to come apart at these key areas thanks to a reinforced design. Even when bags are tugged or pulled against the weight of the person standing in them, they’ll hold strong.

Two Sizes

Single Sacks come in a set of 12 and are perfect for hoppers of any age and size, measuring 36”H x 21” dia. Double bags are sold individually and are sewn together as a single compartment, with the entire size measuring 36”H x 45” dia. When paired together, students will have to cooperate to move the sack forward, which means using verbal communication and timing to get it right.

TaterSack Options

TaterSacks are available in 2 sizes.

  • Single Sacks Set
  • Individual Double Sack