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SST Scooters

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Engineered for lasting performance – with speed and safety in mind!

The SST Scooter boards for kids features a stylish deck that offers 28% more seating area than a conventional 16" scooter. This deck is also thicker and more reinforced than other scooters, making it tougher and better able to handle larger students.

Speed and Comfort

A narrow rectangular design and high-quality casters make this our fastest scooter that still provides the smoothest possible ride. The seating area has been well balanced and specifically designed to create more leg room and less board interference for students. As a result, they are able to propel themselves forward or backward faster. These scooters a 28% larger seating area than others and is still faster than others!

Durable Construction

A lightweight reinforced ABS-plastic deck makes this scooter stronger than many other scooter boards on the market. ABS is strong yet flexible, allowing it to take impact without breaking or cracking. Handles are also encased in reinforced ABS plastic, and are designed to fit the hands of any student using them. This also makes these scooters a safer option than competitors, as the handles prevent students from having their hands exposed.

There are 3 available wheel options for this scooter. Large 4" wheels provide the smoothest glide. The 3” diameter indoor/outdoor wheels feature a urethane inline skate wheel designed for better speed and smoothness. These wheels resist abrasion and are ideal for a wider range of surface conditions. The 2-1/2 dia” thermoplastic wheels are meant for indoor use only and are designed to be easy on gym floors. Scooter measures 20-1/2”L x 16”W. Supports up to 450 lb.

Classroom Organization

These boards can be purchased individually in Rainbow or Screamin’ colors, or in Rainbow Sets of 6. The wide variety of color options make it easy for teachers to split classes into different teams and activities. For example, the green team could play the red team while the blue team plays the orange team.

SST Scooter Options

SST Scooters are available in Indoor or Indoor/Outdoor, Individually or in Sets of 6 in multiple colors.

  • Type
    • Indoor
    • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Individual Colors
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
  • Sets of 6 Colors
    • Rainbow
    • Screamin’ Orange
    • Screamin’ Green