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SecuriTee Twist and Lock

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Twist and lock design ensures a consistent height, swing after swing. 

Quickly and easily adjust your tee to your desired height and lock it into place, simply by twisting the tube! The tee adjusts from 20” to 36” high, so it can be lower and used as a tee-ball batting tee or made taller to practice specific ball placements. This is the only locking tee we offer!

No Sinking or Sliding

The tee’s patent-pending Twist and Lock system allows you to easily lock the tube into place, ensuring it will not slide down when struck by a student’s bat. Simply twist the tee 90 degrees to unlock it and slide up or down to your desired height, then twist another 90 degrees to lock the tee down into place. You don’t need to use any bolts or screws to set the tee at its height; the twist and lock system, combined with a reinforced connection point, ensure it will stay at your setting. Additional texturing on the tube also makes sure the tee stays at the height you set it at.

A grated base texture on the underside prevents the tee from sliding around as well. The lack of sliding and sinking ensures more consistency with each swing.

Built to Last

The tee is made with a virgin rubber that is tough enough to withstand long-term exposure to the elements, as well as daily institutional use. Whether the tee is affected by sun, water, or repeated smacks of the bat, it will continue to be functional for years to come.

The tee weighs only 11 lb, making it easy to carry in and out of storage while still being heavy and durable enough to stand up to institutional use. It adjusts from 20”H to 36”H for a wide variety of hitting drills.