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Screamin' Utility Balls

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Nylon/polyester windings give these rugged utility balls a kick...and you should too!

Tough enough to kick, these bright-colored balls feature nylon/polyester windings that fortify an equally strong, three-ply rubber cover. Use them to add colorful excitement to just about any playground game, including kickball or wall ball! Students will love the bright colors and how much easier they make it to track the balls as they fly or bounce around during gameplay. 

Screamin’ Colors

The bright orange and green Screamin’ colors make these balls extremely popular with kids. Before the game even starts, the radiant colors of these balls will attract students and cause more excitement when participating in Physical Education classes and recess games. Once the game begins, the colors makes them significantly easier to track as they fly through the air!

Teachers can use these colors to divide students into groups for a wide variety of activities. For example, students could be divided into Orange and Green teams for relay races, where one element involves dribbling a ball. They could also use these balls to add twists to standard class games, such as a ball that’s worth extra points in kickball or wall ball.

Durable Playground Ball

This ball’s durable construction, a three-ply rubber design, allows it to last longer than other utility balls on the market. Its durability and texture make it a favorite for classes across the nation, as it will play true and keep students invested in the game. No matter how long you play or at what intensity, the fabric-wound ball will hold up to game after game!

The ball is tough enough to be used with rugged playground-style games such as wall ball, but because of its density it is not recommended for games such as dodgeball or bombardment. Multiple sizes are available to give your class the best size for skill levels and game choices.

Screamin’ Utility Rubber Ball Options

Screamin’ Utility Rubber Balls are available in sets of 6, in 2 colors, and 2 sizes.

  • Colors
    • Screamin’ Orange®
    • Screamin’ Green®
  • Sizes
    • 8.5” dia
    • 10” dia