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Active Academics Run for the Money Set

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Combines math and currency games with physical fitness.

Keep an entire class busy as they race to retrieve coins and add up their value during fun money counting games! You can also switch the game up, such as having kids only search for dimes, collect coins as part of a relay, or use them in rewards programs. The possibilities are endless!

Four Fun Games

The primary game, Run for the Money!, focuses on collecting the most money the fastest. Scatter all of the coins facedown inside a square playing area. Each team lines up on a side of the square. On the signal, all teams race into the center of the playing area and collect coins. Players may pick up and bring one coin to their team’s "base." Coin collecting continues until all coins are picked up. The team with the most money wins.

Long-Lasting Equipment

Everything you need for all 4 of these games is included in one of these sets. The coins are made of a polystyrene plastic for long-lasting durability and are 5” in diameter and 1/16” thick. They easily fit inside the included lined storage box, which makes transporting the game easy.

Complete Set includes 88 polystyrene coins (5” dia x 1/16” thick), lined storage box, and activity instructions.

Make Learning Active

Each Run for the Money set contains additional, unique game options that students will love! Throughout all of these games, students stay physically active while thinking about math and learning about money.

In Buddy, Can you Spare a Dime, game rules are similar to Run for the Money, except teams are only looking for dimes. At the end of play, the team with the most dimes wins.

During The Price Is $, the goal is to be the team to correctly guess the price of an item and collect the coins that total up that price. To play, show the teams an item (knowing the retail price) and give the teams 30 seconds amongst themselves to decide the price. Teams then select one student to retrieve the coins that will add up to that team's estimated cost of the item. The team closest to the actual retail price wins.

Finally, in Go for the Gold, divide the class into 4 equal teams and have each team line up on an edge of the square playing area. Place 1 coin in front of each student and the rest of the coins in the center face up. On the signal, students must search for the coins that match the coin in front of them. The first team to collect all of their coins wins.