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Active Academics Run-and-Spell Set

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Combines physical activity, teamwork, and spelling games.

Improve students’ spelling while getting them up and running around the gym with games that incorporate learning! Players take turns rolling pairs of 12-sided dice containing all letters of the alphabet, then run back and forth to communicate rolled letters to teammates. The team that creates the most words in these common core spelling games wins!

Running and Spelling

The objective of this game aims to collect the most letters and be the team with the longest word and or/sentence in a predetermined amount of time. To play, divide your class into 6 equally numbered teams. Have teams stand in a single file line at the end of the playing area, and designate a start line. Place 1 pair of dice per team at the opposite end of the playing area and provide each team with a large piece of paper and a writing utensil. On the signal, the first student for each team runs the length of the playing area, grabs the dice and rolls them. They identify the letters rolled and run down and tags the next player. The player then writes down their letters on the paper. Play continues for a predetermined amount of time (3 min is recommended). When time expires, teams have 2 minutes to form words and or sentences from the letters they collected. Each letter may only be used once. The group with the longest sentence or the most words wins.

The truly great thing about this game is that it gets kids active while helping them work on their spelling. Throughout the entire game, all the kids in the class work together and improve their communication.

All Components Included

A full set includes everything you need to begin running and spelling, including a Run and Spell Activity Guide, alphabet dice (6 pairs), and a large mesh bag to hold them all. The dice are made of coated foam, making them soft and friendly for younger students but still durable enough to last through repeated use. The 12-sided dice include all 26 letters, with X, Y, and Z all sharing a side.