Rubber Horseshoes

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A safe way to play a horseshoes.

Younger players might not be ready for steel horseshoes, or you might simply want to play indoors. This rubber horseshoes set makes the action safer for all players, and to bring your games inside when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor games.

Great for Beginning Players

This rubber horseshoes game is a great option for new and younger users, as the horseshoes are lighter and easier to throw than traditional steel shoes. You can use it indoors or out, on the gym floor, in a grass play area or on the blacktop.

Shoes come in red and purple, making it easy to divide your students into teams.

Made to Last

A heavy-duty rubber allows these shoes to last game after game in institutional, everyday use situations. The rubber shoes are easy on your floors for indoor play. If you do choose to play outdoors, the set comes with a stake that can stick into the ground. Otherwise, a rubber stand holds up the stake for indoor play.