Recess Pack

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Enough equipment for multiple activities with multiple classes!

When the entire school lets out for recess this pack will make sure every student has a chance to get in on the action, whether they’re playing by themselves, with friends, or as part of a larger group. Numerous pieces of equipment across a wide range of sports means there’s something for everyone to do!


  • This pack features footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, rubber playground balls, cones and markers, jump ropes, throwing discs, and more!
  • There are enough options to keep kids excited each and every day for recess, keeping their activities fresh and open to change based on the wide variety of equipment.
  • Equipment in this pack is suggested for students of elementary age.

Everything You Need for Recess

You'll find a strong variety of 58 pieces of playground equipment within this pack, geared towards supplying your students with everything they need to have a fun and exciting recess before, during, or after school. From footballs to throwing discs, jump ropes to basketballs and everything in between, your students will stay busy on a daily basis with so many options.

Also included in this pack are cones designed to add structure to larger group play. Get a touch football game going, create goals for a pickup soccer match, create dribbling obstacles for basketball practice, and more! Students will experience all of the fun of recess, as well as the comradery and teamwork that comes with larger games featuring teams and partners.

Each pack includes:

  • Deluscious™ Footballs, Size 3, 2 ea
  • Spiral Foam Football, Size 3, 1 ea
  • Performer™ Rubber Soccer Balls, Size 4, 2 ea
  • Performer™ Rubber Basketballs, Size 5, 2 ea
  • Performer™ Rubber Basketball, Size 6, 1 ea
  • Utility Balls, 8.5” dia, Set of 7 (6 Red, 1 Yellow
  • Playground Balls, 8.5” dia, Set of 3 (1 Red, 2 Yellow)
  • Deluscious™ Foam Soccer Balls, Size 4, 2 ea
  • Orange Cones, 6”H, 4 ea
  • Jump Ropes, 7'L, Set of 6
  • Jump Ropes, 8'L, Set of 6
  • Jump Ropes, 16'L, Set of 6
  • Twirl 'n' Jump, 1 ea
  • UltraGrip™ Foam Bat, 24"L, 1 ea
  • AirRanger™ Plastic Discs, 9" dia, Set of 12
  • VersaBag™ Mesh Bag, 1 ea