RE-vibe On Task Wristband

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Strategically-timed, quiet vibrations give students a gentle reminder to stay alert and on task!

Increase attentiveness without distractions! The extremely user-friendly design has no screens, buttons, or sounds, allowing students to place all of their attention on assignments. A proprietary algorithm tells the wrist-worn band when to vibrate, reminding students to stay focused. The vibrations vary each time they go off, preventing students from growing accustomed to a certain vibration. The reminders are whisper quiet, so they will not distract other nearby students. Four modes vary how often the band vibrates, from every 3 minutes to every 10 minutes. Homework mode also emits a flashing light to remind students to take a break after 15 minutes. The long-lasting, rechargeable battery stays charged for at least 7 days. Plastic construction is splash-resistant. The durable nylon wristband features a metal buckle and accommodates a wide range of wrist sizes. Replacement nylon band also available separately.