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Ramp up the fun in this 2-on-2 indoor or outdoor tossing game that keeps players active with each turn!

These tossing games for kids features specially-designed ramps that have a center goal net and a grooved top that guarantees wild bounces that keep players on the move. Four-player outdoor tossing games utilize 2 specially-designed ramps and 4 bouncy balls the size of a racquetball. Similar to great yard games like corn hole, teammates stand on opposite sides of the playing area. Each player gets 2 shots per round to score points for their team. Points are scored when players toss the ball in the net or their partner catches a ball that bounces off the ramp!

Unique Tossing Game

This is the only backyard game that allows players to score points by both tossing and catching! Patented grooves on the top of each ramp cause the ball to take unpredictable bounces, which can make for highlight reel catches. Ramps were also designed to keep three-out-of-four players engaged on every play, keeping everyone focused and excited.

Players decide which team goes first by either playing "odds or evens" or a similar method. After each round of play, the team with the higher score will go first in the next round. In the event the score is tied at the end of a round, the team that started the previous round will continue to go first. There are several roles in the game of RampShot:

  • The Shooter stands behind the ramp and throws two RampShot balls, one at a time, in an attempt to score points.
  • The Playmaker stands several feet behind the opposite ramp and attempts to catch any ball that bounces off the ramp, thrown by their teammate.
  • The Stealer keeps 1 foot even with the front of the ramp, waits for the Shooter (opponent) to toss the ball. After each toss, the Stealer quickly moves toward the opposing ramp to catch any ball that bounces back from the ramp.

A round ends when all 4 RampShot balls are either scored or declared dead. Games are played to 15 points.

Because the game required a certain distance and combines the skills of throwing/tossing with bouncing, it’s best suited for students 10 years of age and above.

Boost Communication and Teamwork

Being a 2 vs. 2 game means students need to work together with teammates and communicate to win. Students will also have to leverage dexterity, flight tracking skills, and their whole-body range of motion to properly react to errant balls during the game! Because they’re liable to bounce nearly anywhere, students will have to rely on reflexes and fast-twitch muscles to help them be the hero for their team.

Durable Design

RampShot ramps are tough, portable, lightweight, stackable, weather resistant, and a whole a lot of fun! Made with a heavy duty plastic that can withstand impact without cracking or breaking, they’re optimally used outside, in any conditions.

RampShot Options

RampShot is available in a set. Replacement Balls sold separately.

  • Complete Set. Includes 2 stackable ramps with goal nets, 4 game balls (2 Green, 2 Yellow), and game instructions.
  • Replacement Balls, Set of 4