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Rainbow UltraPlay Volleyballs

As low as $99.95
Our softest rubber volleyball provides an unbeatable quality of play!

An ultra-soft, sponge-like rubber cover softens the sting for junior and senior high school volleyball players, allowing them to play with extra confidence when bumping and volleying! It features our Ultra-Wound nylon winding blend for an optimal combination of playability and durability, a truer bounce, and a longer life.

Player-Friendly Design

Take the sting out of impact with this volleyball! It features an ultra-soft sponge rubber cover designed to lessen the blow, encouraging students to dive into the game without fear.

Even with a soft cover, this durable ball will withstand consistent use during indoor and outdoor play. Its weather resistance makes it great for beach and indoor volleyball unit play. An airlock butyl bladder and no-leak inflation valve ensure the ball will keep its shape and consistency of flight longer, for improved performance over a longer period of time.

Multiple Options

While the ball is only available in size 5 (official size for volleyballs), it is available in several color options. Standard white adds an “official” feel to the game, while Rainbow sets of 6 give teachers plenty of options to split players up into different groups for games and drills. Players with blue balls can work on setting, while players with red balls work on serving.

UltraPlay Volleyball Options

UltraPlay Volleyballs are available in sets of 6 or individually in size 5.

  • Rainbow Set of 6
  • Individual White