Rainbow UltraGrip Foam Baseball Bats

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Foam bats provide a safer solution for early batting practice!

Our softest, high-density foam bats are safer than wood or aluminum and more durable than other foam bats. They are weighted for maximum performance, yet easy to swing. They contain a slip-resistant grip and foam barrels for added safety.

Safe Training

This bat gives your class a safe option to use in baseball and softball types of games. The foam design absorbs the energy during contact and slows down the ball’s exit speed. This makes it a great option to use for younger students both indoors and out to introduce them to hitting and help them develop their hand-eye coordination.

Quality Design

The foam used on our UltraGrip bats is softer and without the hard outer shell found on the Soft-Stix bats, providing an even slower exit speed. The high-density foam allows the bat to stand up to contact over and over again, and makes it more durable than other non-coated foam bats on the market. In addition to being tough, the foam is friendly and flexible, allowing it to take a ball’s impact and returning to its original shape without ripping or breaking.

Beneficial for Class

The barrel is available in two sizes: 24”L for smaller or younger students, and 29”L is our most popular size foam bat. This makes it easy to provide students with the bat that is the right size for them, both in terms of the size and skill level of the student. The bats can be used in more activities than just hitting as well — they’re great for relay races, bat spins, and footwork drills. The Rainbow colors make classroom and drill organization a breeze.  

Rainbow UltraGrip Foam Baseball Bat Options

Rainbow UltraGrip Foam Baseball Bats are available in Rainbow Sets of 6 (6 bats/6 balls) or Individually in blue in 2 sizes.

  • Colors/Quantity
    • Rainbow Set
    • Individual Blue
  • Sizes
    • 24”L
    • 29”L (big bats)