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Rainbow Sport Ball Packs

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Get our premium rubber sport balls in intermediate sizes and colorful packs that boost excitement and activity!

High quality construction and official-sized balls come together with vibrant Rainbow colors to provide students with a premier solution for sport balls! Three levels of quality make it easy to give your students the equipment they need to master the fundamentals. Rainbow colors keep intimidation low and make organization a snap.


  • All 3 level packs feature official-sized sport balls for soccer, volleyball, football, and basketball, giving you a durable, long-lasting choice that’s perfect for any PE program and a great option for any institutional setting where multiple player use happens.
  • Three great choices to help your students practice the game and skills needed to succeed.
  • Each pack comes with storage and transportation, taken care of by Gopher Mesh VersaBags. These bags not only protect balls; they also keep them ventilated.
  • Official-sized balls make these packs appropriate for Junior and Senior high school level ages.

Bright Color Options

Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple color options give students enough variety to pick their favorite color when it comes to playing basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. Having Rainbow colors available gives students confidence and comfort, which translates into a better learning and playing experience in their chosen sport. Moreover, things like easy flight tracking and bright visibility outdoors make for a well-rounded approach to accommodating all students.

When it comes to individual skills, colors make it easy to measure student success. Use red footballs to practice throwing a spiral, green to practice handoffs, yellow to kick field goals, and orange for accuracy tests—each sport can utilize the various colors to help students zero in on basic fundamentals and game mechanics.

More than just for teaching, Rainbow colors lend themselves to play time! Assign special point values to certain colors during games, pair students up by color for partner activities, or involve multiple balls with different colors during group games to keep excitement high and the whole class involved!

Superior Quality and Durability

Three levels of quality make it possible to provide your students with the right style of ball for their specific age, skill level, or comfort based on the sport.

  • Performer level ball packs feature a reliable rubber texture that’s head and shoulders above other rubber balls on the market. These balls are easy to control and non-intimidating when they come into contact with players, making them great for getting the true feel of the game, while still offering a forgiving design. Official sizes put students one step away from the real thing!
  • Performer Plus balls offer even more strength and durability to students through a denser rubberized construction, without changing the overall scope of the ball. Balls are softer than most other traditional rubber options, while still providing students with the bounce and playability they demand.
  • UltraPlay rubber balls represent the highest level of play possible from rubber practice balls and exude a resilience that makes them ideal for PE and recreational programs where institutional wear is expected. Expect nothing short of advanced caliber performance from these balls.

Rainbow Sport Ball Pack Options

Rainbow Sport Ball Packs are available in 3 ball types.

  • Ball Types
    • Performer Pack, 52 Pieces
    • Performer Plus Pack, 52 Pieces
    • UltraPlay Pack, 52 Pieces
  • Each pack includes:
    • Basketballs, Set of 12
    • Soccer Balls, Set of 12
    • Volleyball, Set of 12
    • Footballs, Set of 12
    • o VersaBag Mesh Bags, 4 Ea