Rainbow Spiral Coated-Foam Footballs

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The easiest way to throw a spiral and boost throwing confidence in young students using a coated foam football!

Spiraled grooves make this ball easy to hold and grip for a perfect spiral every time. Brightly colored for tracking. It's the perfect tool to teach young users how to throw a spiral.

Great Teaching Tool

Teach young students without much football experience how to throw like a pro! Molded-in grooves allow for better rotation and are designed to help students learn how to throw a perfect spiral. The high density of the foam is heavier than other foam ball and gives students more feedback and reaction to various catching and throwing mechanics. The soft foam make it perfect for introductory football units.

Excellent Versatility

The ball can be used in tossing and catching activities and is easily incorporated into a wide variety of other games, including target and knock down style games. The rainbow colors it comes in make it great for mixing up football accuracy games. For example, certain colors could be worth more points during drills and activities.

Quality Design

The premium, dense foam is covered with a layer of protective skin that helps the foam football stand up to the long-term wear and tear associated with institutional and multiplayer use.

Rainbow Spiral Foam Footballs

Rainbow Spiral Foam Footballs are available in Sets of 6 or individually.

Rainbow Sets

  • Size 3, Junior

Individual Rainbow Spiral Foam Handballs. Colors may vary

  • Size 3, Junior