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Rainbow SofTex Balls

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Our most popular multi-use sport textured sport balls!

A PVC cover with soft, textured panels makes this ball great for tossing and catching activities with younger students. SofTex is a true confidence builder!

Uniquely-textured panels are easier to grip, improving accuracy and catching ability for beginners. A positive experience builds students' confidence, which in turn will keep them interested and vested in the sport. Official sizes and similar weights mimic the actual feel, style, and reactions of sport balls, which will allow skills to easily translate as students progress to the "real deal".

Don't let the softness of SofTex fool you! The PVC cover is extremely durable and can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities. A premium butyl bladder retains air and assists in maintaining the ball's round shape.

An assortment of bright colors and sport balls give every student and activity a reason to use SofTex. Use them to introduce skills in soccer, football, or volleyball. A sting-free bump with the volleyball, shin with the volleyball, and hand with the football will boost everyone's confidence! Use the versatile playball for almost any activity that needs a friendly ball.

Our vibrant Rainbow colors add a pop of fun and make it easy to organize drills, activities, and teams by color. The colors also make it easy for students to track the ball while it's moving through the air, improving the chances for success.