Rainbow Rubber Critters

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Put a smile on every face when you add these friendly favorites to everyday activities!

Add rubber frogs or a rubber chicken toy to your next activity as a wacky way to liven up the game! Friendly texture and durable materials make these accessories fun for any age group. Bright colors add dimension to their abilities. Squeeze them and they squeak!

Opportunity for Imagination

It takes a strong imagination to incorporate these animal-shaped toys into your daily classroom or PE activities, but when you do, you’ll find that they come alive with more fun than ever before! They’re safer than most hardballs, weightier than a beanbag, and more fun than a generic baton or weighted object. Moreover, they’re non-discriminatory and nonsensical, meaning they can be incorporated easily into most activities.

Use them as props for relay races—students must find a way to carry the rubber chicken without using their hands as they run from one obstacle to the next! Or, incorporate them into different critical thinking games—cover different toys with a cone all around the gym and have students take turns trying to find pairs between 2 cones. The sky’s the limit with your imagination!

Safe and Durable

Made from durable, soft, flexible rubber, trust these rubber animals to weather general use in institutional settings without breaking down. They’re also friendly and safe, making them great for younger students especially. And, because they mimic the shape of fun animals, they’re a non-intimidating option for games of toss and catch, as well as target games.

Bright Colored Sets

Each variety of rubber animal—chickens, pigs, fish, and frogs—comes in a Rainbow Set of 6, which means 6 different vibrant colors for students to enjoy. Students can pick the color they like for the day’s activities, or teachers can work to assign colors to help change up the groups. Colors also make it easy to keep track of equipment and ensure everyone is returning theirs in good condition after the game is over.

Rainbow Rubber Critter Options

Rainbow Rubber Critters are available in 4 animals, in sets of 6.

  • Chickens
  • Pigs
  • Fish
  • Frogs