Rainbow Rubber Ball Packs

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Enough Rainbow Sets to keep a whole class active.

Keep your students active with sport and activity balls, designed with organization, proper sizing, and durability in mind. Two rubber options and 3 age options give you the ability to put the perfect ball in the hands of your students, to ensure they’re having the best time possible when the recess bell rings! Rainbow colors make organization easy and present a non-intimidating prospect for any age student.

Performance and Age Options

Two rubber densities define these packs and give you the ability to put the right ball in the hands of students to facilitate fun! Rubber balls are ideal for promoting non-intimidating play through lively reaction and ease of grip, making them perfect for younger students. Performer and Performer Plus options meet the needs of every skill level.

  • Performer balls surpass other generic rubber playground balls thanks to a resilient rubber texture and extremely durable construction. The grip texture of these balls offers stability and control to players, helping them get a feel for good mechanics and responsive play.
  • Performer Plus balls are a step up, offering incredible resilience and supreme durability, without becoming intimidating or cumbersome in their design. In fact, these balls are softer than most rubber options and offer liveliness and playability that helps students enjoy themselves, instead of becoming frustrated with lackluster play.

In addition to 2 rubber options, these packs also come with 3 age groups in mind. Packs support Upper- and Lower-Elementary school students, as well as Middle School/Jr. High players, giving them the right size balls to practice and play with. Having the right equipment makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring students are having fun and building skills!

Vibrant Colors

Each pack comes with 6 Rainbow colors, presenting students with a bevy of bright colors to choose from when it comes to picking out their favorite. Colors make play time less intimidating for younger students and help older students to keep track of their balls on a crowded playground.

Rainbow colors are also great for mixing it up when it comes to games and activities. Create rules based around colors to modify traditional playground games or introduce a new point system that’s color-coded. Students will love these new twists on stagnant games!

When the time for cleanup comes, Rainbow colors add a depth of organization and efficiency to the process. Call out a color and have students holding that color ball come up and put their equipment away, or assign out specific colors to students to ensure each student is bringing back the ball they started with.

Rainbow Rubber Ball Pack Options

Rainbow Rubber Ball Packs are available in 2 ball types, in 3 sizes.

  • Ball Types
    • Performer Balls
    • Performer Plus Balls
  • Sizes
    • Lower-Elementary
    • Upper-Elementary
    • Middle School/Jr. High
  • Each pack includes:
    • Rainbow Performer Soccer Balls, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Performer Footballs, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Performer Basketballs, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Playground Balls, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Performer Plus Soccer Balls, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Performer Plus Footballs, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Performer Plus Basketballs, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Playground Balls, Set