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Rainbow Gopher Biggie! Volleyballs

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Soft, lightweight large volleyball for kids, and twice the diameter of a regulation ball!

Keep your students bumping and setting for longer periods of time with lightweight, oversized volleyballs. The friendly, no-sting design helps your class practice longer and build good better technique. 

Encourages Participation

The larger, 16"" dia Biggie! volleyball is twice the size of an official volleyball, but it's 20% lighter. Along with the 13"" dia Biggie!, these oversized and lightweight volleyballs encourage young students to participate in activities and avoid the stinging sensation associated with playing with standard balls. This helps students become more comfortable with the ball before moving on to smaller, heavier balls to increase difficulty. 

Quality Design

Smaller than our D-Lite Sport Volleyball, this is the smallest oversized trainer we offer. The traditional 18-panel cover with a soft foam back makes the ball friendly for all students. Its durability allows it to be used for long periods of time. A latex rubber bladder with butyl valve keeps the ball lightweight and  air tight.

Instant Organization

Rainbow colors help teachers organize students and drills during volleyball units, as each color can represent a different drill. For example, students at the station with the purple ball can practice underhand serving while students at the red ball station practice setting. Or you can use the 16"" dia ball when training begins and move to the 13"" dia ball to increase difficulty as skills progress. 

Rainbow Gopher Biggie! Volleyball Options

Rainbow Gopher Biggie! Volleyballs are available in Rainbow Sets of 6 or Individually in 2 sizes.

Rainbow Sets

  • 16"" dia
  • 13"" dia

Individual Red/White/Blue Balls

  • 16"" dia
  • 13"" dia"