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Rainbow DuraCoat Coated-Foam Dodgeballs

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The strongest, most durable coated-foam ball on the market!

We took our world famous coated-foam dodgeballs and made them even stronger and more durable so they last longer than any other dodgeball! Whether you need a great dodgeball for kids or a tough ball for an adult dodgeball league, DuraCoat Dodgeballs are here!

Thickest Cover on the Market

A special formula provides 33% more coating, making DuraCoat 50% stronger than all other traditional dodgeballs on the market. This means the ball will withstand the toughest target games including Guard the Pin and Fitness Dodgeball. Pairing this durable cover with our premium foam balls helps the dodgeballs keep their perfectly round shape longer. The moisture-resistant cover also helps protect the foam if your dodgeball game is caught in the rain.

Stop worrying about students picking at the cover and foam during class or on the playground. Our DuraCoat cover is pick proof so it can withstand routine use and abuse. The extra coating also makes this dodgeball slightly heavier than other dodgeballs giving users an accurate throw.

Unbeatable Grip

The tacky DuraCoat cover gives students a superior grip. We combined our non-slip cover with our squeezable, premium foam to give students the best grasp possible. A better grip increases success in catching and improving accuracy when throwing. You will be able to make a perfect catch and amazing throw with help from the grippy cover.

Designed for All Ages

DuraCoat Dodgeballs are a great option at any age! The fun colors provide young students with opportunities to enhance tracking and eye coordination. While the intense durability makes the balls ideal for intense dodgeball leagues. The Rainbow and Screamin’ Rainbow colors are great for drills and class organization. They also help instructors create and add unique twists to traditional games.

Rainbow DuraCoat Dodgeballs Options

Rainbow DuraCoat Dodgeballs are available in Sets of 6, in 4 sizes, and 7 color options.


  • 5" dia
  • 6.3” dia
  • 7” dia
  • 8.25” dia


  • Rainbow
  • Screamin’ Rainbow
  • Screamin' Yellow
  • Screamin' Green
  • Red
  • Blue