Rainbow Deluscious Foam Balls

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Squishably soft soccer balls and footballs are great for beginners!

Soft and friendly lightweight foam balls work great while teaching the basics to younger students and those who are new to soccer and football.

Beginner-Friendly Feel The Deluscious™

Foam Ball features an ultra-soft outer core, and a medium-density foam center for a luscious and friendly feel. Despite its light weight, it has a liveliness to it that reacts similar to an official soccer ball or football. This gives beginners and younger students the chance to learn the fundamentals of the game without having to worry about getting hurt by the ball.

The soccer balls feature "seam" indentations to simulate panels, and have trackable markings, while the footballs have raised foam laces. These simulations give the balls an official feel, and make it easier to track the balls (soccer) and teach proper technique (football).

Durable Design

While the balls have a light, soft feel, they're designed to be extremely durable, and able to withstand heavy use and intense play.

Constructed of a premium foam coated by a protective outer skin that shields the interior from damage, the ball will maintain its shape and deliver proper performance for years.

The Rainbow® color options allow teachers and coaches to easily color-coordinate teams, groups, and drills to keep classes or youth practices flowing smoothly. Organize teams for small-sided games by ball color, or designate a drill for each color in the set.

The Individual Deluscious™ Football comes in traditional brown, which gives it a more official appearance for classes and games.

Deluscious™ Foam Ball Options

Deluscious™ Foam Balls are available in Soccer Balls and Footballs in sets of 6, and individually in a variety of sizes.

Rainbow® Soccer Ball Rainbow® Sets of 6

  • Size 4, Intermediate
  • Size 5, Official

Individual Soccer Ball, Blue

  • Size 4, Intermediate
  • Size 5, Official

Rainbow® Football Rainbow® Sets of 6

  • Size 3, Junior
  • Size 4, Intermediate

Individual Football, Brown

  • Size 3, Junior
  • Size 4, Intermediate