Rainbow Color-Coded Equipment Packs

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Now each class or grade can have its own color-coded recess equipment!

Color-coded and complete with all of the necessary items your students need to get the most out of PE class or recess, this outdoor play equipment for schools makes organization and delegation easy. Available in comprehensive Rainbow sets or individually colored packs for both Upper- and Lower-Elementary students, there’s no easier solution to keeping your students active!

Color-Coded Packs

With 6 Rainbow colors available and numerous activity items to choose from, students will be able to select the right equipment for the activity that interests them, in the color that's most amiable to them. The result is a more engaging playtime experience.

Choose comprehensive Rainbow Color-Coded Equipment Packs and delegate a set of colored equipment to each grade level to help keep things organized across multiple age groups. Or, opt for specific colored sets of equipment to match your school colors or show school spirit. Colors are also segmented for age groups, to ensure students are met with the right sized equipment—blue, purple, and red sets are sized for upper elementary students, while green, orange, and yellow are fitted for lower elementary students.

Everything You Need for Recess

This pack includes absolutely anything you need to keep recess or PE class fun and exciting, and your students on task and engaged. Within you'll find playground balls, soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, baseball bats and foam balls, vinyl spots, and cones—no matter the activity, this pack is ready to provide for it!

Set up cones and get teams together for a game of touch football, throw down vinyl spots and grab a playground ball for a game of kickball, or see who's the best with a few cones and a basketball—the possibilities for play time are limitless! Students can enjoy time spent playing by themselves, with a partner, in a group, or as part of an entire class.

Rainbow Color-Coded Equipment Pack Options

Rainbow Color-Coded Equipment Packs are available in Rainbow packs, in 2 varieties.

  • Rainbow Color-Coded Equipment Pack. Includes 1 each Lower- and Upper-Elementary School Packs. 162 Pieces.
  • Lower-Elementary Packs
    • Green
    • Orange
    • Yellow
  • Upper-Elementary Packs
    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Red
  • Each pack includes:
    • Rainbow Playground Balls, Set of 12
    • Rainbow Performer Soccer Balls, Set of 12
    • Rainbow Performer Basketballs, Set of 12
    • Rainbow Performer Footballs, Set of 12
    • Rainbow UltraGrip Baseball Bats, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Foam Balls, Set of 6
    • Rainbow Vinyl Spots, Set of 72 (12 of Ea Rainbow color)
    • Vinyl Rainbow Cones, Set of 24
    • VersaBag Mesh Bags, 4 Ea