Rainbow AirMaster Plastic Discs

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The perfect-size disc to help players comfortably master throwing and catching.

For developing players who need a larger disc without the heft, these flying discs are great for catching, throwing, and cementing the fundamentals. 


  • Size: 10” dia
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Great for ages 12 and up

Ideal for Beginners

These flying discs are the perfect intermediary option for late middle and high school students who may be picking up a disc for the first time. The 10” dia and 120 g weight make handling a breeze and are complementary to beginner throwing and catching motions. Smaller discs can feel awkward to control by older students, while heftier options may be too intimidating and not complementary to their form yet. A contoured edge allows for better gripping and throwing mechanics, which leads to more accuracy and swiftness in this fast-paced team game. These discs are designed with lightweight, flexible plastic that won’t splinter or crack when it comes into contact with hard surfaces.