Push-Button Signal Horn

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This air horn produces a loud, clear signal that can be heard up to 1/2 mile away.

When you need the loudest alert tone possible, an air horn is the most reliable option! This sports air horn will get the attention of everyone in the vicinity and can be heard clearly from half a mile away. Simple enough for anyone to use, it?s ideal for all types of alerts, from start/stop signals to safety awareness and beyond. 

Loud and Clear

With a 129 dB sound, there's no ignoring this sports air horn! When used outdoors, this familiar sound will carry for up to half a mile to let everyone in the vicinity know that his or her attention is required. Blasts of compressed air create a uniform tone that won't waver or intonate, ensuring reliable operation at all times.

Rated for up to 70 blasts with a single compressed air canister, swapping replacement cans is easy. Simply screw off the horn and screw on a refill?as soon as it's in place, you're ready to go. When storing this, the removable horn portion also keeps it from being accidently blown.

Multifaceted Uses

Because it operates with the press of a button, this air horn can be used by anyone, in any situation. Officials can send off runners for track and field events, teachers can signal the end of an activity, groundskeepers can warn athletes over a widespread area of impending weather conditions, and so on. The horn can also be used indoors as well, in larger spaces such as gymnasiums and natatoriums, to get the attention of large groups.

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Push-Button Signal Horn Options

Push-Button Signal Horns are available individually, with 8 oz refill cans of compressed air sold separately.

  • Signal Horn
  • Refill, 8 oz