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ProTex Resistance Tubing

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Unit:  Set of 6
Introduce resistance training with the safest tubing on the market!

The most ideal solution to teaching muscle strengthening exercises for kids, students can easily use resistance tubing while learning resistance training fundamentals. The nylon-sheathed design of these beginner tubes keeps students safe and comfortable while they learn the basics.

Safe, Strong Design

The durability and safety of these resistance tubes keep students comfortable as they learn the basics of new training equipment. ProTex Resistance Tubing is made with seatbelt grade nylon sheathing, making it supremely strong and resilient at all times! Its sheathing protects the tubing within from cuts, nicks, or punctures that can be caused by debris or handling, while also preventing overextension of the tubing that can cause permanent damage or breakage.

Handles offer an ergonomic way for beginners to work through the motions of muscle strengthening exercises. They offer ergonomic grips and a sliding design, which provide optimal comfort and avoid pinching or circulation issues that can arise when students are forced to grip raw tubing.


  • Strength can be gained in movements such as the shoulder press or bicep curl with dumbbells or large machines, which may be intimidating to some. Pliable, lightweight resistance tubing can accomplish the same thing and is a less intimidating way of training.
  • Laminated activity guide shows 6 sandbag exercises to use with beginner students. No research is required to provide thorough instruction to your students! Exercises focus on strength and body awareness, as well as coordination.
  • Use for resistance training to help build strength and core stability.