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PaddlePro Balls

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Durable, official-size pickleball balls.

Made to resist denting, cracking, and splitting, these balls are perfect for fun and competitive play. Choose from white, yellow, or Rainbow sets.

Durably Built

These balls are designed with a durable plastic formula that is made to be strong and long lasting while resisting cracking. As a result, they maintain a true bounce for game after game of play. Other balls on the market come with bumps or non-smooth surfaces that can alter shots and bounces, which have a negative effect on play. Because of this quality design, these balls are relied on for official (and non-competitive) play.

Each ball also features a hole design and pattern, making them perfect for indoor play as they have a slower, more controllable flight.

Three Choices

Balls are available in white, yellow, or Rainbow colors. These colors give you a variety of options to make these bails clearly visible in your gym or playing area. Rainbow sets not only are more fun due to their colors, but also allow you to easily organize your classes. For example, blue groups can work on forehand shots, while yellow groups work on serving.

PaddlePro Ball Options

PaddlePro Balls are available in 3 colors in 2 quantities each.

  • White
    • Individual
    • Set of 12
  • Yellow
    • Individual
    • Set of 12
  • Rainbow
    • Set of 6
    • Set of 12