Official Kickball Packs

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Everything you need for 2 kickball fields!

Playgrounds wouldn’t be complete without a game of kickball. Get all of the kickball equipment you need to bring the game to your Physical Education class or afterschool program! Perfect for all ages, this classic playground game is also enjoying a surge in popularity through adult leagues. 

Everything Needed for Kickball

This kickball set include everything you need to bring intense games of kickball to your class! Get all of the bases and balls you need, as well as a storage bag to conveniently carry it all to and from storage. Purchase in complete packs or in individual components.

The balls in this set are made of a durable rubber, built to hold up to routine kicking and featuring a textured surface for better grip. They include the WAKA (World Adult Kickball Association) logo, as they are made for official kickball play.

Official Kickball Pack Options

Official Kickball Packs are available in 2 Packs. Additional Balls sold separately.

  • Complete Packs. Includes 4 kickballs, 1 DuraBag™ duffel, 2 Gopher grate base pitcher mounds, and 2 sets of bases (2 ea home, first, second, third bases).
    • 8.5” dia Balls
    • 10” dia Balls
  • Individual Balls
    • 8.5” dia
    • 10” dia