NutriPlay Roll-N-Fit

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Roll your way to a healthier lifestyle!

In this dice game for kids, teams roll their coated foam food group dice and land on 1 of 5 food groups with an included exercise. The teacher then rolls the numbered teacher die, and the number it lands on is the number of reps students perform on the exercise listed on their die.

Three Gameplay Options

  • Roll to a Balanced Diet features 5 teams. The teacher calls out “One, two, three, roll!” and each team tosses its die at the same time as the teacher. The number on the teacher’s die is the number of exercises the students must perform. Students complete the exercise listed on the die and then gain the food group that landed side up. If students land on the junk food side, they still do the exercise but do not gain a food group. The first team to collect all food groups wins.
  • Race to Roll divides students into 3 teams. The teacher designates a food group to be rolled (e.g. “fruit”). Teams roll their die until they get the designated food group. If they do not land on that group, they still need to perform the exercise before they roll again.
  • Food Group Relay divides students into teams based on food groups. They then roll their die, and if they land on their food group, they perform the exercise and run the die to the next player. If they don’t land on the right food, they do the exercise and re-roll until they get it. The first team to successfully cycle through all players wins.

Everything You Need

Each set includes dice, activity instructions, and a mesh bag. The dice are made of a coated foam, so they are soft and safe for all users. Three of them are labeled with different foods and exercises, and 1 is just numbers (which is meant for the teacher). Foods on the dice include potatoes, salmon, pasta, strawberry, snack cakes, and grapes. Exercises on the dice include jump high, crab walk, lunges, and running in place.