NutriPlay Nutringo Nutrition Bingo

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The fun of traditional bingo with an active and healthy twist!

Teach food groups and nutrition mats in this active variation of bingo! Nutringo mats are divided into 5 food group columns, with corresponding foods underneath each food group. The caller chooses a food card and announces the type of food, along with a fun food fact. After locating the item on their mat, teams complete a specified exercise to mark off that spot.

Similar Play to Bingo

This nutrition bingo game combines the classic elements of Bingo with a way to teach important nutritional facts. The teacher calls out bingo food cards, and teams that have those matching cards must complete an exercise to cover their spot. The first team to complete a bingo wins. There are a variety of bingo variations you can use to switch this game up, including “diagonal only,” “four corners,” “letter T,” and more.

High-Quality Components

Included are a Nutringo storage bag, nutrition bingo cards and Nutringo game. The heavy-duty nylon storage bag easily stores and transports everything included in the game.

All 200 bingo cards and 50 caller cards display a food, the serving size, calories, grams of fat, a fun fact, and an exercise.

Nutringo mats are made of vinyl and feature 5 columns, which are the typical “bingo” letters. In this game, they are vegetables, fruits, grains, proteins, and dairy. Under each header, there are 5 foods that fit in those categories. Also included is a teacher mat with all of the foods for easy reference.