NutriPlay Healthy in a Hurry Set

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Get healthy in a hurry in this interactive nutrition game for kids as they race to fill up their shopping bag with healthy foods!

Teach students the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods while reinforcing the positive effects of exercise. Teams race to collect healthy and unhealthy beanbags, returning the healthy foods to their own shopping bag while adding unhealthy foods to other teams’ bags. Keep your class learning and entertained in this fun, nonstop activity!

Simple and Fun

Students are divided into 6 teams, and beanbags are scattered on the other side of the playing area. When time begins, students run and grab a beanbag. If they get a healthy one, they put it in their bag. If they get an unhealthy one, they put it in another team’s bag. Teams can “burn off” and return the unhealthy beanbag by completing the exercise printed on that bag. When time runs out, the team with the healthiest beanbags wins!

Instructions provide even more fun variations. For example, you could have the beanbags face down, so students don’t know what they are grabbing right away.

Long-Lasting Components

Included are 100 healthy and unhealthy beanbags, Rainbow shopping bags, a storage bag, and activity instructions.

The beanbags are made of a high-quality vinyl, which is both durable and soft to the touch. They feature both healthy and unhealthy foods printed on them.

The shopping bags are designed to replicate recycled shopping bags seen in grocery stores for a realistic feel. They come in Rainbow colors for easy team distinction, with each featuring a different exercise. Exercises include jumping jacks, jump high, crab walk, run in place, windmill, and lunge.

The included storage bag is made out of a heavy-duty nylon material that makes transporting and storing all of the bags, instruction and beanbags easier than ever before.