NutriPlay Harvest Hustle Set

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Teams hustle to be the first to harvest the right ingredients for their healthy recipe!

Every team receives a recipe card, and players then race to collect their ingredients (beanbags) from the Market Mat. As ingredients are collected, they are placed in the team’s shopping bag and marked off on their shopping list, with the first team collecting all ingredients on its cards or completing the most recipes winning!

Combine Fun and Learning

This fun nutrition game allows you to incorporate healthy recipes and ideas into your physical education class. Each pack comes with food beanbags, 2 market mats, shopping lists and bags, recipe cards, and a storage bag. Students break into teams and take turns gathering ingredient beanbags from the market mats. The team that collects all beanbags on their cards or completes the most cards within a set amount of time wins.

Recipe cards each have 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) printed on them. The card clearly identifies the entrée and then lists 3 ingredients that correspond with beanbags. Also included is a picture of the food with helpful cooking teams. These can familiarize students with healthy ingredients, cooking, and meal prep.

There are also game variations that include teams starting with and trading beanbags to complete their cards, or guessing recipes based off the ingredient beanbags they are shown.

Durable Design

All elements of the game are made with high-quality components. The mats are made of a 13 oz. vinyl, which will resist tearing and hold up over time. The beanbags have extra attention paid to the seams, so they will never tear during gameplay. Recipe cards are made of a thick, laminated paper to resist tearing and wear. Shopping bags are made the same as reusable shopping bags found in grocery stores to provide a realistic feel.

Easy Transport

Included in the set is an XXL mesh bag. This makes storing and transporting the items included in the set very important. With 144 beanbags, 5 shopping bags, 30 recipe cards, 2 mats, and 5 shopping list tablets, having this easy transportation capability is extremely beneficial.