NutriPlay Food Beanbags

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Unit:  Set of 24

These fun food beanbags will have your class thinking healthy!

Bring healthy lifestyle principles into any beanbag activity! Each set comes with 24 nutrition beanbags, with 4 foods from each of the 6 parts of the food pyramid, as well as a storage bag.

Combine Education and Physical Activity

With these beanbags, students are able to learn about nutrition and food groups while being active and playing beanbag games. Rather than teaching students about nutrition in a traditional classroom setting, teachers can incorporate health games for students to get them more engaged and active. This can be done in the classroom or during PE!

Many health teachers love to use these bags and provide an alternative to traditional curriculum. Common games include activities where students need to toss beanbags in the correct place based on nutritional information or food group.

Quality Bags

Each beanbag has a soft yet sturdy vinyl cover, which provides the ultimate in beanbag durability. This cover ensures the bags can hold up to game after game both indoors and out. An overlock stitching style helps uses looped threads to prevent the bag from unraveling. Each bag measures 4”L on every side.

The complete set of 24 contains 4 foods from each of the 6 food groups from the food pyramid. Each food image is displayed on the front so students can easily see the foods and the group they fit in.

Also included is a durable nylon storage bag, which holds all of the beanbags easily for easier storage and transportation. The storage bag features a drawstring top to seal the bag while it’s stored away.