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MVP 4" LED Tabletop Scoreboard

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Premium tabletop scoreboard with wireless remote offers easy operation for scoring a wide range of popular sports.

Keep the time and score for a wide array of different sports, all from one convenient and easy-to-control scoreboard! This portable digital scoreboard includes preprogrammed scoring and timing settings for a wide range of activities, as well as controls that make it easy to adjust the display on the fly. Utilize an included remote to control from afar, with bright, large numbers that can easily be seen by spectators, players, and coaches alike.


  • Board Dimensions: 24”W x 16”H x 10”D
  • Number Height: 4”
  • Weight: 22 lb
  • Keyring remote included
  • Tabletop or freestanding
  • Use for basketball, wrestling, karate, team handball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, judo, and boxing

Preprogrammed Sport Options

8 preprogrammed sports settings make it easy to quickly set up this portable digital scoreboard and get the event started. The first 5 settings are all sport specific, giving you instant access to the tracking, scoring, and timing needs critical to each sport:

  1. Enjoy both timer and scoring functions for basketball, wrestling, karate, and team handball.
  2. Utilize a timer and shot clock function for basketball.
  3. Quickly display score and sets for volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and tennis.
  4. Keep track of match numbers and utilize a pin timer for judo matches.
  5. Project both round and break countdown timers for spectators watching a boxing match.

The final 3 modes of this affordable scoreboard allow you to create your own unique settings, based on the activity in front of you or special rules for a custom variation on a classic sport:

  1. A programmable timer allows you to put as much or as little time on the clock as you need.
  2. A stopwatch function counts up, giving you real-time measurement with the press of a button.
  3. A general clock with alarm function makes this affordable scoreboard apt for passive use.

Easy to Use and See

The relative ease by which preprogrammed sport settings can be selected or custom clock functions can be programmed makes this scoreboard easy enough for anyone to control. Even if you’re not able to stay seated next to the scoreboard throughout the duration of an activity, an included controller allows for simple manipulation from afar, keeping play uninterrupted. Modify time, bonus, possession, period, fouls, and more with easy controls!

The display is also incredibly easy to see and read from afar, making this optimal for players, coaches, and spectators alike. Visibility from up to 150 ft away provides a clear and uncomplicated understanding of the status of the game in real time, with 2 colors separating time and score numbers.

MVP 4" LED Tabletop Scoreboard Options

MVP 4" LED Tabletop Scoreboards are available individually. Floor stands sold separately.

  • Scoreboard
  • Accessories
    • Floor Stand, 22”L x 22”W x 50”H, 12 lb