Moving Minds Most Popular Floor Seats Pack

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Unit:  Pack of 24

Equip students for active learning using four of our most popular floor seats with a variety of functionality!

Assortment of 24 floor seats lets students quickly break out into small groups to work on assignments. This also gives teachers the flexibility to create separate workstations for different situations. For example, they can use StudyRocker Floor Chairs as part of a reading corner, and The Surf Floor Desks can be used by a small group working on projects that require a writing surface.

The four seats featured in this pack encourage students to step away from their desks to promote learning in a different manner. Lightweight, plastic ShiftED Seats contour to the user's body for comfortable fidgeting and encourage students to rock away their excess energy. Multipurpose, inflatable CushionED Seats are made of vinyl and can be used on the floor or on chairs. Made of one-piece plastic, The Surf Desks let students take their desks anywhere they need it. StudyRocker Chairs feature a sturdy wooden frame covered in soft foam and a smooth, vinyl cover.

Pack includes

  • ShiftED Seats (22"L x 16"W x 18-1/2"H; 4-1/2 lb), 6 Ea
  • CushionED Seats (13" dia x 1" thick; 1-1/2 lb), 6 Ea
  • The Surf Floor Desks (24"L x 14-1/4"W x 11"H; 3-1/2 lb), Set of 6
  • StudyRockers Floor Chairs (28-1/2"L x 17"W x 33"H; 20 lb), Set of 6