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MagnePro Flag Belt System

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Innovative self-securing buckle makes this the easiest flag football belt to use!

A perfectly polarized magnetic buckle makes MagnePro the easiest belt to put on, ensures it stays during gameplay, and releases with ease when flags are pulled. The sleek buckle design is lightweight molded plastic, featuring encased magnets and rounded edges for user safety.

Magnet Design

These belts feature an innovative buckle that uses encased magnets to secure. Because of the perfect polarization of the buckle, it is extremely easy to put on and will stay in place throughout an entire game. It is made with a lightweight molded plastic, which helps make this a durable option for schools and clubs.

Other Activities

These flags are designed specifically for flag football, but can also be used for other activities to take away the physical contact element in games, such as rugby. Flags are also great for games such as Flag Tag, and give you the ability to incorporate them into other gym class activities. In dodgeball, for example, each team could eliminate other team members by either hitting them with a ball or pulling one of their flags.


  • This is a belt release. When pulled, the entire belt comes off the student or player to signify he or she has been tackled or tagged.
  • These belts are made of nylon that has been specifically designed for durability, and will never rip or shrink, even when wet. The flags are also made of vinyl and have been coated for extra durability and rip resistance.
  • All 4 sets in this system are available in medium and large. Medium size belts fit waist sizes 26” to 38”. Large fits sizes 30” to 44”. All belts are easy-to-see and labeled with a clear sizing stitched tag on the inside of the belt. They also are different colors for each size, with medium being blue and large being white.
  • 6-player and 12-player sets can be purchased in either blue or black. 36-player sets come in sets of 36 with 6 belts of each of the rainbow colors.
  • Each belt features three 17”L durable flags of the same color in Rainbow, Red, or Blue. The tops of the flags are folded over and triple-stitched to the durable and adjustable belt.

MagnePro Flag Belt System Options

MagnePro Flag Belt Systems are available in Sets in 3 sizes. Additional Rainbow Sets and Replacement Buckles sold separately.

Flag Belt Sizes

  • Medium, 26”-38” (Blue Belt)
  • Large, 30”-44” (White Belt)

Rainbow 36-Player Sets. Include 36 belts (Rainbow color flags) and a VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag.

24-Player Sets. Include 24 belts (Red/Blue flags) and a VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag

12-Player Sets. Include 12 belts with Red or Blue flags.

6-Player Sets. Include 6 belts with Red or Blue flags.


  • Replacement Rainbow Set, Medium
  • Replacement Rainbow Set, Large
  • Replacement Rainbow Set, X-Large (36"-52", Black Belt)
  • Replacement Buckles