Large Board Games

As low as $99.95

Larger versions of classic board games enhance the fun without taking up a giant amount of space!

Spread out one of these fun games across a large table, on the floor next to desks, or even outside on the grass during recess. Large Board Games amplify the entertainment and are easy for kids to set up and put away.

Large Checkers.

Leap over your opponent’s oversized pieces to capture them in Large Checkers. Each plastic Checkers piece is 4”W x 1-1/2”H. Set includes a 4’ x 4’ oversized mat, 24 pieces, and six 4” queening rods.

Large Chess.

Strategize your big win with this larger version of chess. Includes 4’ x 4’ oversized mat and plastic pieces with a 4”W base. Kings are 12-1/2”H and pawns are 8”H.


Scrape the sky with the highest tower possible before it topples over! Includes 58 pine wood blocks and nylon storage bag with carry handles. 17 lb total.