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Indestructo-Ball Balls

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Amazing durability and safety for beginners and training purposes.

Get a set of balls guaranteed to last through every crack of the bat! These durable practice balls are made with a flexible vinyl material that’s tough enough for any bat to handle. The patterned hole design reduces the ball’s speed for practice situations, making them perfect for play indoors or out.

Non-Intimidating Option

Indestructo-Ball Balls are perfect for new and younger users, and are a great option for play indoors and out based on their non-intimidating feel and flexible construction that will not beat up your floors or walls. The balls have been specifically designed to be used without gloves, and as such are safe and comfortable on the hands. Their patterned hole design makes the ball come off the bat slower than other beginner balls, which makes gameplay less intimidating for younger users while also making it easier for younger players to track the ball and successfully catch fly balls.

Finally, the flexibility of the ball makes it feel great in the hand, helping users of all ages get a better grip. This flexibility also helps to reduce speed when the ball is hit, as the ball will absorb a lot of the energy.

Durable Design

Not only is the ball designed to be friendly for players of all ages and experience levels, but it is also tough enough to be used as a training tool for older users, whether they are using metal or wood bats. Each ball features molded-in laces for extra texture and control, a durable way to add in a teaching device to help students get into the habit of finding the laces on the ball while throwing.

Size and Color Options

You have the choice of either 3” dia baseballs or 4” dia softballs with this set, depending on your unit and your class’s needs. The balls come in Rainbow colors, which are bright and fun, encouraging more participation out of younger users. The colors are also perfect for organizing your students into different drills and pairing them up with partners in the class. For example, students with orange balls can practice partner catching, while students with green balls practice fielding ground balls.

Indestructo-Ball Ball Options

Indestructo-Ball Balls are available sets of 6, in 2 sizes.

  • 3” dia, Baseball Size
  • 4” dia, Softball Size