Detonate Ignition Interval Timer

Ships Soon, Estimated Ship Date is 05/02/2023
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An easy-to-use, programmable timer with remote control.

A great workout circuit timer, programmable settings and remote-controlled functionality helps teachers tailor an exercise to meet the demands of the class. Multiple settings provide alerts and clock functions that are conducive to timing, counting, or interval training. Bright and solid LED numbers are easy to see even from far away.


  • AC-Powered Timer
  • Battery-Powered Remote (2 AA batteries included)
  • 5”H LED Numbers
  • Visible at up to 300 ft
  • Remote controlled at up to 120 ft
  • 21”L x 3”W x 8-1/2”H; 5 lb

Remote Controlled Timing

Control is essential when it comes to timing exercises and activities. This station timer for kids can be controlled from up to 120 ft away thanks to an included remote, which means you don’t have to stand idly by the timer while activities are in progress. Program times, start/stop the timer, and more, all with the remote in hand. Mount the timer to be wall, adding permanence and functionality to areas where timed events typically take place, such as the gymnasium, natatorium, or classroom.

Multiple Settings

Set up this station timer for kids for whatever exercise or activity requires timing and be amazed at the numerous settings it lends to the workout ahead. As a default it’ll display the time of day, making it ideal for everyday uses in classrooms and PE classes alike. This timer with buzzer can also be used simply to count up or down, lending itself to any time-oriented activity.

The primary function is referred to as the "Fight Gone Bad" setting. This setting is frequently used by CrossFit athletes as they focus on burst training. When set, the clock will count down from 10 to give students time to prepare for their workout, then buzz once a minute for 5 minutes to signal exercise changes. After a 5-minute interval, the clock will buzz twice to begin a 1-minute rest round, with the entire sequence running a total of 3 times. This setting is optimal for any high-intensity, burst training workouts and can be put to use with student athletes across nearly any sport.

Also pre-programmed on this workout circuit timer is a “Tabata” function. Tabata is the most popular form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and consists of 20 seconds full-on fitness and 10 seconds of rest between burst exercises. This is generally repeated for 8 total rounds. The timer will buzz once to start the workout and twice when it’s time to rest, giving students and athletes a clear signal and pattern to follow.

Easy-to-See LED Numbers

Instead of traditional pixelated numbers that leave gaps and create confusion from a distance, you can count on fully-formed, bright red, LED times being displayed by this workout circuit timer! The 5”H numbers are visible from up to 300 ft away, making it possible to easily distinguish times from across a regulation-sized basketball court, which measures 84 ft long!