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Easily and effectively incorporate physical activity in the classroom with Brain Breaks!

In the U.S., 80% of schools are required to provide physical activity beyond physical education class. Make it easy to meet this requirement with Brain Breaks! Brain Breaks is a no-hassle solution to incorporating activity in the classroom and getting students moving more throughout the day. And all of this requires no additional planning or equipment on your end!

Brain Breaks offers hundreds of online activity videos that are 5 minutes or less and feature top-notch instructors that walk students through engaging routines. Each activity focuses on increasing students’ heart rates while developing key motor skills and improving behavior. Research shows that small breaks throughout the day that focus on activity have multiple health benefits and also improve time-on-task, learning readiness, and more, which in turn, improves overall academic performance. The emphasis on increasing student test scores often conflicts with increasing student physical activity, but Brain Breaks offers a solution to accomplish both! Get Brain Breaks today, and help students become more active and focused! Continue on to find out more!

What are Brain Breaks?

  • 2-5 minute activity videos designed for the classroom, recess, lunch, or before/after school setting
  • Planning and prep work are not required, teachers load the video they desire, click play, and an instructor leads the interactive routine
  • Activities can be performed right in the classroom, there’s no need to move to a bigger, more open space
  • Routines incorporate physical activity to improve cognitive learning, behavior, self-esteem, and more

What is included with Brain Breaks?

  • Find over 200 videos with a wide variety of activities ranging from soccer and hockey to yoga to martial arts… and more!
  • A 1-year subscription to all online videos
  • Choose from three options: a Single Classroom License, a School Pack of 15 Licenses, or a District Pack of 75 Licenses

Who are the instructors?

  • Dribble and shoot with Mike Penberthy, former player of the NBA and shooting coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Volleyball Olympian Annett Davis and Gold Medal winner Dain Blanton show how to bump, set, spike
  • Dr. Robert Pangrazi, Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University, demonstrates activities from his Dynamic Physical Education curriculum.
  • National Governing Bodies such as USA Cycling, USA Volleyball, and USA Rowing get students active and interested in their specific sport(s)

Why choose Brain Breaks?

Physical activity is key throughout the day, even in small bursts, to keep students focused and ready to discover new information. Active bodies foster active minds!

  • Students spend most of their school day sitting a classroom
  • Activities are designed for students of all ages and fitness abilities – no one feels left out
  • Activities are led by specialists in the field, are structured and sequential, and focus on proper technique, then progression
  • Activities are designed to cause little to no interruption to the school day, and transitions back to academics is easy

Let students reach their potential by giving their minds and bodies necessary activity breaks! Make Brain Breaks part of your routine! Call a Moving Minds Customer Service Representative at 1-855-858-8551 today!