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Hop-Along Duo Bouncer

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Superior strength for double the bouncing fun! 

Students will need to work together to move forward, creating a unique partner hopping ball challenge that works the body and the brain! Designed to weather institutional wear, Hop-Along Bouncers are as safe as they are fun, featuring high weight capacities and a burst-resistant design. Available in individual blue, including foot pump.

Unique Partner Activities

Teams of two will learn how to coordinate their hops to move forward as they seek to master this unique bouncing challenge! Students sit front to back, working together to push off and lunge forward in tandem. Those who master teamwork will find themselves moving quicker and smoother, prompting focus on communication and teamwork skills.

Pair students and set them in a race against another duo to see who can move their bouncer the quickest from start to finish! Or, set up a winding obstacle course to see who has mastered communication as students are forced to hop forwards, backwards, and side to side.

Durable, Safe Design

Made with the same durable, burst-resistant design as our Hop-Along Bouncers, these hopping balls feature a textured seat and bottom that provides both comfort and support. Students also hold on tight to an ergonomic handle while hopping along, keeping them upright and balanced to prevent falls and tip-overs.

Burst-resistant design gives instructors and students peace of mind at all times. In the event of a puncture, balls will deflate slowly and in a controlled manner, instead of popping and throwing a student wildly.

Each half accommodates up to 200 lb and is burst-resistant up to 500 lb. Bouncers measure 24” dia x 42”L.

Great Workout

Hopping is a superior exercise for the lower body, particularly glutes, hamstrings, hips, quads, and the core. With each hop students will get blood pumping and raise their heart rate, while also building critical muscles. Hopping in different directions or intervals also works to confuse muscles, leading to even better results!

CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.