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Gopher UltraChute Parachutes

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This colorful and functional PE parachute is Gopher’s strongest and longest-lasting parachute on the market.

You simply will not find a stronger, more versatile, or more enduring parachute at this price point. Gopher UltraChute Parachutes offer easy use, a colorful design, and durability other PE teachers will envy.

Compact Storage and Transport

Gopher UltraChute Parachutes come with an oversized carrying bag with a handle, making storage and transportation easy. Double-stitched handles on the perimeter and an extra mesh layer for catching stray balls make it simpler than ever to know which end is up.

Long-Lasting Construction

Simply put, this parachute is the most durable one on the market. Stretch your PE budget further thanks to tear-resistant triple-coated rip-stop polyester, which helps the parachute survive even the wildest game of Climb the Mountain.

When a rip does occur, reinforced stitching prevents it from growing. The parachute triangles are fully connected, with no holes inherent to the design. This prevents the possibility of students catching their fingers or arms in the parachute and causing further ripping.


Classic parachute games such as Climb the Mountain, Shark Attack, Duck Duck Goose, and other classic parachute games become easier for teachers and livelier for students with Gopher UltraChute Parachutes. The size, construction, colors, and handles all play into their versatility!

Choose from 4 diameter sizes based on your class size and activity. A smaller diameter works well for relay races and parachute volleyball, while a larger size is ideal for Giant Bubble and other large group activities.

Gopher UltraChute Parachute Options

Gopher UltraChute Parachutes are available individually in 4 sizes.

  • 12’ dia, 18 handles
  • 24’ dia, 30 handles
  • 30’ dia, 36 handles
  • 45’ dia, 48 handles